We are proud to have the following members dedicating time and effort on our school’s Board of Directors:

Dr. Timothy Conway, President                 Dr. Linda Behar-Hornstein, Vice President

1826 SW 81st Terrace                                   8511 SW 7th Place

Gainesville, FL  32607                                 Gainesville, FL  32607

(352) 870-0898                                             (352) 682-0768

drtim@emschool.org                                    lsbhoren@ufl.edu


Ms. Marsheen Ryan, Secretary/Treasurer       Mrs. Michelle McCauley, Officer

PO Box 2213                                                             4010 NW 155th Terrace

Hawthorne, FL  32640                                          Newberry, FL  32669

(352) 208-6128                                                        (352) 333-7892

zmkryan@windstream.net                                    shelandjim@bellsouth.net


Mrs. Natasha Livingston, Officer          Mr. Todd Livingston, Officer

3591 SW 63rd Lane                                    3591 SW 63rd Lane

Gainesville, FL  32608                              Gainesville, FL  32608

(352) 317-5402                                            (352) 494-9277

tishtosh2000@yahoo.com                       rtoddlivingston@yahoo.com

In addition, Mrs. Amy Stevens  is our Parent Liaison and she can be reached by e-mail at amyo.stevens@gmail.com