Welcome to the Einstein School, a tuition free charter school for students with dyslexia and other reading or language difficulties. We are so glad you are interested in our school. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

The Einstein School opened in August 1999 with the very specific and unique mission of serving the needs of students with dyslexia, language or speech impairments, and, or other language- based reading difficulties. Our program is designed for students in grades 2 – 8 who are struggling academically due to these difficulties. Research-based methods are used to teach our students the critical skills they need for sounding out words when reading. They learn to see, hear, and feel each specific mouth movement. This solid foundation in essential pre-reading skills helps the students strengthen their writing, spelling and speech, as well as reading.

We reinforce these skills in our double block reading classes, as well as at other opportunities throughout the day. By using hands-on activities whenever possible and providing small group instruction (1:3-1:7) in reading, language arts, and math, we give students opportunities to succeed in their areas of strength, as well as remediate their weaknesses. Over the years, Einstein has continuously improved our learning model and made significant gains in the areas of reading and writing, while helping our students to thrive in areas of individual strength such as science and social studies. Our services are unduplicated in Alachua County.

Einstein is a “mission” not just a school. Many of our parents have reported that prior to attending Einstein School their child cried daily, hated school, and felt ostracized for their learning disability. After coming to Einstein, they are excited to start learning again and feel accepted by their peers who have similar academic struggles. They are no longer alone in their disability.

Our school staff is a family of caring professionals who work as a team to help all our children read and increase their language skills to meet their unique potential, while building the academic skills they need for success in school and in life. Our highly qualified and certified teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals, and administrators derive great joy from joining our students in a learning adventure as we celebrate our successes and work together to overcome our areas of difficulty.

Thank you for your interest in our school community,

Christine Aurelio