We are proud to have the following members dedicating time and effort on our school’s Board of Directors:


Dr. Timothy Conway, President                       

5308 SW 88th Court

Gainesville, FL  32608

(352) 870-0898



Natasha Livingston, Officer

13155 SW County Road 346

Archer, FL  32618

(352) 317-5402



Marsheen Ryan, Treasurer 

772 South County Road 21

Hawthorne, FL  32640

(352) 208-6128



Todd Livingston, Officer

13155 SW County Road 346

Archer, FL  32618

(352) 494-9277



Linda Lombardino, Vice President

9525 SW 50th Road

Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 317-6287



Kat McGlone, Secretary

3930 SE 14th Terrace

Gainesville, FL 32641




Sue Keller, Parent Liaison




If you wish to file a grievance, please refer to the procedures outlined in the current Code of Student Conduct. You may also contact any or all of The Einstein School Board members to discuss your grievance and/or to convene a meeting.



District Policy for Unresolved Student Welfare Complaints:

  1. Resolution of Student Health, Safety, or Welfare ComplaintsIn the event a parent of a student in a District charter school is unable to resolve a student health, safety, or welfare complaint under F.S. 1001.42(8)(c) with the charter school’s principal or designee, the following procedures shall be utilized to resolve the dispute:
    1. The District’s Charter School Liaison will obtain a copy of the parent’s complaint from the charter school and all supporting documentation.
    2. The District’s Charter School Liaison will communicate with the parent and charter school principal or designee within twenty-one (21) days of obtaining the information in paragraph 1 in an attempt to resolve the complaint. The District’s Charter School Liaison may also choose to meet collectively with the parent or charter school principal or designee.
    3. If the parent’s complaint is not resolved after the communications identified in paragraph 2, and no later than thirty (30) days from receipt of the parent’s complaint, the District will provide the parent with a notice containing a written statement(s) of the reason(s) for not resolving the complaint.

The Charter School Liaison shall be responsible for responding to inquiries from the FLDOE regarding a request for an appointment of a Special Magistrate for charter school student complaints.

Within five (5) days of receipt of notice that a parent has requested the appointment of a Special Magistrate pursuant to F.A.C. 6A-6.0791, the District will provide to the FLDOE a statement addressing whether any of the grounds for dismissal as described in F.A.C. 6A-6.0791(7)(b) apply to the parental request for appointment of a Special Magistrate.

Additionally, the District will expeditiously contract for payment of a Special Magistrate appointed by the Commissioner of Education and notify the FLDOE within no more than twenty (20) days after receiving notice of the appointment of a Special Magistrate that an agreement has been reached for payment with the appointed Special Magistrate.

All costs incurred by the District for revising and responding to a parent complaint under this section is a service provided by the District to the charter school. The charter school shall be responsible for the District’s actual costs unless a different amount is mutually agreed to by the District and charter school in a contract negotiated separately from the charter.