The Einstein School was recognized in 2002 by the America’s Charter School Corporation as one of only 9 charter school’s nationwide with “Great Reading Programs”. It was the only school of the 9 that solely served children with dyslexia.

The Einstein School was also recognized in 2002 as one of eleven outstanding charter schools by the Charter School Finance Corporation.

In 2009, The Einstein School was awarded “A Day Made Better” award from Office Max. The following letter had been submitted: Our elementary room teacher teaches students who are struggling in reading. Almost all of her students are grade levels below where they should be in reading and comprehension, when they enter her class. She has a proven record of teaching children so well that not only do they develop a passion for reading but their ability levels increase dramatically. Through music and plays that she creates for her students, the students see other ways they can learn to read and why it can be so much fun. This past year a student came to our school who was not only a non-reader, but refused to speak most of the time because of a lisp. By the end of the school year, he was excited to perform a role in the classroom play, reading his lines and acting out his part with charisma. Teachers from his former school came to see our school because they were amazed at what the child had accomplished from just being at Einstein for one year. This is not this teacher’s only success story, just the most recent. In one phrase, this teacher teaches children who hate reading, how to love and be passionate about something that has always been extremely difficult for them.

In 2012, The Einstein School was rated as having 87.5% “highly effective” teachers.